Monday, February 8, 2010

Bondage 101, showing you safely the ropes. Berlin.

Bondage 101, showing you the ropes in a safe way 8.2.2010, Berlin, Be_Cunt party
This is meant as a very basic introduction to bondage for absolute beginers. A very significant part of it will be dedicated to considerations on material, your motivation for doing bondage, safety, negotiation, responsability. You will be encouraged to think and find out what suits you best, regarding the above mentioned topics. Only after you are scared to death after this frist phase, and correspondingly aware that some care must be taken when dealing with rope, we will look together, slowly and carefully, on the first approaches to *fun* with rope and what possibilities it offers. The techniques shown during the workshop will depend on the size of the group and its dynamic. References to more advanced bondage workhops, networking and bibliography, etc, will be provided.