Sunday, September 25, 2011

Save the Place, the tragic end of a real-estate agent

In St. Pölten, Austria, at the Queer Feminist Network meeting, a workshop on DIY film making by Ola Marty took place.

The first result was, after 4 people came together (Ola, Iwan, Antidote and Lun Ario) a first short film "Save the Place".

the scrip was scribbled rather than writen in 10 minutes, the costumes were gathered from the "take and give" place at the LAMES house, the filming took 2 hours, the cutting and general post-production another 2 hours.

Synopsis: A real-estate agent visits the LAMES premises in St Pölten, where a queer meeting is taking place. She looks forward to accomplish her dreams of intense real-estate development of the area. But not everybody shares her dreams...

This film is purely fictional and intended as comedy and although we fight gentrification and mainstream pressure, we don't condone violence against real-estate agents.

Feedback welcome!

With some more time, a mute film structure was adopted, a more careful post production took place and new storyline elements were integrated. Save the Place, the timeless version in Sepia

But it was found out that the images lost much of its cheerfulness and strenght with monocromacity, so we kept the model and adopted a 50´s technicolour colour scheme. Save the Place, the timeless version (final):

We are here:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Gay Love Story (Queer Burlesque Performance) at QueerFemNetwork Meeting, St Polten

(under construction) St. Polten, Austria, 23.9.2011, terrains of the LAMES.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

BDSM 101

(under construction) Was supposed to be a workshop on Queer BDSM but it was canceled so we took over as it seemed that a BDSM 101 talk was very much needed. together with Sadie

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gay Love Story (Queer Burlesque Performance) at AHA

(under construction) Berlin, 17.9.2011

wieder Trash-Deluxe. Das
neue Motto "Fame Monster" entführt euch in eine Welt voller Spaß,
Phantasie und Erotik. Ladet eure Freunde und Familie ein. Wie immer ist
ab 19 Uhr das Café geöffnet und um 20 Uhr beginnt die Show. Eintritt ist
wie immer Frei.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Workshop, regular: Bondage 101

We offer in Berlin a monthly Bondage 101 hands-on workshop. First official date, 7.9.2011 Currently: 1st Thursday in the month. We are considering offering a second event in the month, like a moderated improvisation session aka "pratica" Safety, fun, first steps, first meters of rope. Being a monthly event, the scope will move to more advanced topics, but we insist in having as part of the concept that it should remain a beginner-friendly event. there is vegan soup to receive all participants, and a small donation, according to one´s self-evaluated finantial situation is encouraged. invitational, place not publicly disclosed, write us (info right hand side at this blog) if you want to know more.