Saturday, March 24, 2012

Save The Place - Revamped

We love our little queer lion, guardian of all collective projects menaced by gentrification. That's why we decided to improve a bit the quality of our save the place movies. Now they look much more crisp. Queer crisp, so to say.

And we even decided to create one version with minimal color treatment, because we love the original colors. Actually we love all versions so much we cannot decide which one we love more! And that's all the better for it. Queer is about loving...

24th May at Four Corners on London "Films about Garden", Bildwechsel Glasgow.
1-3.June.2012 Traumschicht queer film fest in Zurich
Wotever Pride, etc (to be completed)

Anyway here are the links:

Save the Place - The Timeless Release:
Save the Place- The Time Travel Release Save the Place - The Minimal Release
We hope you like them! :-) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are here:

Monday, March 5, 2012

jealousy management (again) in Berlin

there we go again, this time at the Other Nature shop

Wann: Dienstag, April 17, 18-20 Uhr
Wo: Other Nature, Mehringdamm 79
Sprache: Deutsch (with the possibility of English translation)
Kosten: 5€ suggested donation (or pay what you can)

On Green-Eyed Monsters, Compersive Teddies, and Humans In-between: A workshop on jealousy in polyamourous constellations with Ann Antidote

Presentation and discussion on polyamory in Braunschweig

 Aktionen zum Weltfrauentag am 09.03.12 und 10.03.12
What: Workshop Polyamorie and Networks
When: Friday March 09, 18-20 Uhr
Where: SUB, Braunschweig
Language: Deutsch (with the possibility of English translation)

orga: Die Falken Socialistische Jugend Braunschweig 

queer, bondage, art

Flier for services on bondage: performances, workshops, coaching, modelling, consulting for artists

Queer: as in queer definition of safe place, no discriminatory or aggressive behaviour tolerated, inclusive, diverse, interventive.

Art: as in anything created by human* hands, whatever is declared as art.

Bondage: the action of consensually tying up objects or human beings with an aesthetic or erotic intention.

The Sexual Life of the Savages: An informal group of queer DIY artists, bondage enthusiasts, and active utopists

The Sexual Life of the Savages
StudiesForThunder [arroba] riseup [pinto] net